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Cards: 1201 - Hope and Healing Card - NEW!

1201 Hope and Healing Card - NEW!

Outside Copy:
How does one say goodbye to a beloved pet?

Inside Copy:
The ache in our hearts,
When a companion-animal friend dies
Is difficult to put into words,
But there is comfort in remembering
The special moments that were shared,
The honesty of that friendship
And the unique place this beloved animal
Will always have in our affections.

Thinking of you at this time of difficult loss.

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Price: $1.20
Quantity Discounts: 20 or more, $1.15 each
30 or more, $1.10 each
40 or more, $1.05 each
50 or more, $1.00 each
60 or more, $0.95 each
70 or more, $0.90 each
80 or more, $0.85 each
90 or more, $0.80 each
100 or more, $0.75 each
Size: 4.25 x 5.5 inches